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In April 2022, LUNA TIDES Productions successfully secured a tender to produce 6 impactful Adverts for Menter a Busnes.

At LUNA TIDES Productions, we understand the importance of creating high-quality, engaging adverts that capture the essence of a brand. That's why we were thrilled to win the tender to produce 6 Sting adverts and a supporting Brand Film for Menter a Busnes, a Welsh organization dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The challenge was to create adverts that not only highlighted the services offered by Menter a Busnes but also conveyed its commitment to helping small businesses grow and succeed.

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how we made the adverts:

1. Concept Development

Our creative team worked closely with Menter a Busnes to understand their vision and goals for the adverts. We then developed concepts that would effectively communicate the organization's message and resonate with its target audience.

2. Pre-Production

Once the concepts were finalized, we embarked on the pre-production phase, which involved planning and organizing the shoot, scouting locations, and casting actors. In the case of Menter A Busnes, they wanted to use the team and businesses they had supported to feature throughout the films.

3. Film Production

With the concepts in place, we moved forward with pre-production, including planning and coordinating the shoot, selecting shooting locations, and casting actors. In accordance with Menter a Busnes' wishes, we made sure to feature the teams and businesses that they have supported throughout the films. For this project, we utilized the Panasonic Lumix S1H in 422, 4K MOV full frame format to capture all footage. A significant portion of the shots, 70%, were done handheld as the tight shooting schedule required agility and speed. The Lumix S1H's built-in stabilisation proved once again to be a valuable asset in achieving smooth shots.

4. Post-Production

We are fortunate enough to have creative freedom with most of our projects, our clients trust us to take their creative vision and turn it into something spectacular! We often experiment in post-production with various narratives and unexplored options not possible during production, often using After Effects and Cinema4D to create VFX motion graphics to support the story.

And now, for the hidden facts you've been waiting for:


The adverts were filmed in two different Welsh regions to showcase the diverse areas Menter a Busnes serves.


The actors in the adverts are all Menter A Busnes Employees or various businesses they have supported, adding a touch of authenticity to the production.


The music in the adverts was specifically composed for the project, to perfectly complement the visuals and convey the right emotions.


We choose to shoot these adverts in a documentary style, adding authenticity to the production and overall emulating the values Menter A Busnes wished to portray.

In conclusion, producing the adverts for Menter a Busnes was a challenging and rewarding experience for LUNA TIDES Productions. Our goal was to create adverts that would effectively communicate the organisation's message and make a lasting impact on its target audience. We believe that we achieved this and are proud of the final product.


Menter a Busnes (sometimes written as "Menter a Busnes Cymru" in Welsh) is a Welsh organization that provides support and resources to entrepreneurs and small businesses. The organization is dedicated to helping individuals start, grow and develop their businesses, offering a range of services including business advice, training, and access to funding.
Menter a Busnes operates in various regions of Wales and provides support in both Welsh and English languages. Its mission is to encourage and support entrepreneurship and enterprise in Wales, contributing to the economic development of the country.
The organization provides a range of services and resources, including business planning support, training and development opportunities, access to funding, and networking events. Additionally, Menter a Busnes also offers specialized support for specific sectors, such as technology, creative industries, and food and drink.


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