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About our services

LUNA TIDES Productions is a Creative Video, Audio & Design based agency in South Wales, UK. Our talented team of creatives specialises in all forms of video content, from TV Productions, Brand Films and Documentaries to Corporate Promotional Videos and Third Sector/Not For Profit Videos.


Where possible, we ensure that your brand gets the most out of each production with custom-designed audio, graphic design & targeted marketing.

Concept Development

We discuss your project over a coffee or call, finding out your goals and project requirements. From there we'll research your brand  and develop a video concept that helps convey the narrative of your business. 


Once the concept has been developed & approved we'll start the critical process of scripting, story-boarding and mood-boarding.


Bringing your video to life by using the latest cinematography techniques, industry professionals, actors, sets and lighting. We bring it all together to create a dynamic film.

Post Production

Our in-house team of video editing professionals will then dissect the production, crafting it into the final product, adding a custom score, sound effects and colour pallet to suit your projects requirements. 


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