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How we shot Discovery of Witches Season 3 | Set Tour.

On behalf of IJPR, Bad Wolf & SKY TV. Premiered by Digital Spy.

A year in the making! We can’t believe it. In November 2020, IJPR reached out and asked if we could help film & edit a press tour for Season 3 of A Discovery of Witches. Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity!

Follow us as we explore Bad Wolf Studios with Teresa Palmer, Steven Cree, Edward Bluemel, Aiysha Hart and Adelle Leonce. On our journey, Teresa discovers many unusual and fantastic facts about the Bad Wolf Studios, including the various props used during Season 1, 2 and 3!

4 Facts about filming Discovery of Witches Season 3 Press Tour.


The press tour was shot over 5 days. As the production for DOW3 was actively going ahead at the time we had to be creative with how and when we could film, Teresa often kindly let us film her on lunch breaks!


We shot around 2 hours total of footage, and only 10 minutes made the cut! Poet Palmer, Teresa's daughter, joined us on Day 3 of production, however, these sections did not make the cut. You might be able to catch a small hand holding Teresa’s as we entered the props department!


We shot everything on a Panasonic Lumix S1H in 4K MOV. Without this full-frame camera, we would have struggled in the dark areas of the set, its low-light capabilities are incredible.