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The Wolf - A Visual Poem

Richard Ellis & Thomas James. - a visual poem, directed and produced by Thomas James. Written by Richard Ellis. Soundtrack by Richard's son, Corrie Ellis. | March 2021

Combining film & poetry together, 'The Wolf' focuses on the positive side of having Parkinson's. Richard Ellis tells his story of life with Parkinson's Disease. From the initial fear of being diagnosed with Parkinson's to overcoming the disease, Richard tells a captivating story through various abstract methods of film photography. Showcasing the side effects of Parkinson's as well as the ability to live with it, move forward, make strides and showcase the positives of exercise.


For a long time, I didn’t see him,

He left some clues but I did not see

For he was clever, he was trickery

He showed himself in other forms that caused me no alarm or harm.

Why should it?

For he was as cunning as his cousins

The wolf is at my door

I wasn’t sure at first, I kept mistaking him

He had many disguises so I saw many shapes.

Some seemed strange, some amused me,

Like a flickering eyelid, nothing alarmed me

For there were explanations for everything, and everything had an explanation.

The wolf is at my door..


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