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TV2 | Wales V Denmark

In July of 2022, we were on a month-long production in Portugal for Pitch Football at the Euros, featuring #PaulInce.

We were also back in Wales, UK, filming in a Danish Cafe in #Cardiff for TV2.

Coordination is something that is not spoken about a lot in the film industry, and this is a prime example of where good pre-production and asking the right questions ensures a smooth process.

Here are 4 ways we ensured both productions went smoothly.

  • Asking lots of questions, and then asking more. Our initial phone call with TV2 was 30+ minutes, the follow-up call was another 20. We really ensured we asked every question under the sun, leaving it to chance wasn't an option. Here's our go-to question format, it's really obvious. Who what where when why and how. You probably learnt it in school!

  • Ensuring the camera op understands the brief. Take the time to speak to the camera op, e.g. the woman or man who's filming and make sure they understand what's required from the client.

  • Checking the footage before deliverables are sent. It's so easy to receive the rushes and just send them off, but that extra 30 minutes checking the rushes allows for a quick clean up and ensures nothing useless is being sent over.

  • Follow up. Checking up with the client after to ensure the files are what they wanted, if something's gone wrong you might be able to offer solutions or revisit the location if it's not too late.

The interviews we shot from TV2 were broadcast before the Wales V Denmark game in June 2021. We shot some extra B Roll to make the highlights edit featured in this blog.

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